Where’s the Bean? Missing Seed in Soybean Pods

“Stink bugs can often cause this type of injury to soybean seed.”

The best weed control is a growing crop

“The earth was meant to be covered. If there is not a crop growing, nature is going to cover itself. Something is going to grow.” – Neil Badehnop, Valent USA

The top weeds for 2020

“Ideally we need to stop it before it germinates. Waterhemp will grow 1.25 inches each day after it germinates.” – Kenny Schilling, FMC Corporation

Ohio Field Leader How to Select Soybean Seed

Maintaining soybean quality after harvest

“The key to drying soybeans while maintaining quality is to use low heat and go slow.” – Bruce Wymer, vice president of food grade soybeans for Citizens Elevator, LLC.

To till or not to till

“Cover crops have been effective at restoring the soil over time.” – Jim Hoorman, Hoorman Soil Health Services

How much do you value your data?

“Everyone has a different philosophy when it comes to calibrating their yield monitor for harvest data.” – Matt Liskai, Greenfield Ag, Gibsonburg, Ohio

Is a late soybean harvest in your future?

80% of harvest loss occurs at contact with the header.

A heavy handful of soil: Considerations for fallow fields

“The 2019 growing season has negatively affected mycorrhizae levels.” – Stephanie Karhoff, OSU Extension Educator, Williams County

What Checkoff-Funded Research Means for Your Bottom Line

Local experts in crop and soil health work throughout the year to fine-tune soybean farming strategies to combat your toughest challenges. However, that’s not the …

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