Improving Weed Control and Fighting Resistance in Soybeans

The best way to beat weed pressure is to stop the weeds before they start.

Managing Nutrients for Maximum Soybean Yields

“Soybeans will respond to fertilizer application of P and K if the soil test is on the lower side, but not yield as high as soybeans in fields with good soil test levels of P and K and not additional fertilizer application.” – Horst Bohner, Soybean Specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Ministry of Rural Affairs

Herbicide Planning and Technology Tips with Mark Loux on Ohio Field Leader

Meeting Soybean Fertility Needs

“In our study we are not seeing a benefit to prophylactic nutrient application.” – Emma Matcham

Building Soil Carbon

 Building soil carbon is dependent upon temperature, moisture, vegetation, tillage, soil texture, crop rotation,  and microbial activity.

Virtual Conservation Tillage & Technology Conference 2021

The annual Conservation Tillage & Technology Conference (CTC) will be virtual this year.

Improving Drainage with Cover Crops

Many cover crops improve soil structure and drainage.

Ohio Field Leader How to Select Soybean Seed

Commodity Classic 2021 – The State of U.S. Soy

“The check-off breaks down barriers of entry and together finds a home for our crop.”- Megan Kaiser, Missouri Soybean Farmer and USB Treasurer

Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative Deadline Fast Approaching

“I liken it to filling out the information card for a farm magazine. It is quick and easy, and that is all we are asking farmers to do in the first year.” – Kris Swartz, Wood County Farmer and OACI Chairman

SCN Management: Seed Treatments and Sampling

“Assuming only 1% of SCN eggs survive, at 200 eggs in a soil sample, that can multiply to 39,062 eggs after only 3 generations.” – Carl Bradley, University of Kentucky

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