PFR is more than just research

“Conducting research is often times a task that farmers cannot squeeze into their already overloaded schedule. Having resources like Beck’s PFR is a great tool for all farmers to use to help make decisions and improve profitability. – Jared Chester, Practical Farm Research Operator

Herbicide Planning and Technology Tips with Mark Loux on Ohio Field Leader

Changes in status of dicamba product labels for Xtend soybeans – a recap

“ODA subsequently issued a statement regarding the registration and use of these products in Ohio, stating that any use must happen prior to July 1, 2020.” – Dr. Mark Loux, OSU Extension, State Weed Specialsit

Soybean Seedling Blight

Low stands or poor development of plants is, unfortunately, a common occurrence for fields that were planted in many regions of Ohio with heavy soil or are poorly drained soil.

Ohio farmers cannot apply dicamba products after June 30th

While the U.S. EPA order allows the impacted products to be applied through the end of July, ODA has determined that the registration on the products expires on June 30th and cannot be renewed. The products will no longer be registered or available for after June 30th of this year.

Herbicide Planning and Technology Tips with Mark Loux on Ohio Field Leader

Dicamba Ruling and Use Clarification

The order also states that growers and commercial applicators may use existing stocks that were in their possession on June 3, 2020, which was the effective date of the court decision. Any use must still follow the products’ previously approved labels, and may not continue after July 31, 2020.

Court of Appeals Vacates Dicamba Registration

On June 3rd, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the EPA’s federal registration for three dicamba products: XtendiMax, FeXapan, and Engenia.

Earthworms enhance soil tilth and fertility

Earthworm casts improve the cation exchange capacity (CEC) or how nutrients are stored by a factor of 3-4X, enhancing the SOM. – James Hoorman, Hoorman Soil Health Services

Spring Replant Decisions

“For soybean planted in May, I wouldn’t think a re-plant would be needed if plant stand was >80,000. With lower plant populations, the soybean plants will be shorter and pods will be lower to the ground.” – Dr. Laura Lindsey, OSU Extension Soybean Specialist

Recommendations for Soybeans Planted in June

“Plant the latest maturity variety that will reach physiological maturity before the first killing frost. This is to allow the plants to grow vegetatively as long as possible to produce nodes where pods can form before vegetative growth is slowed due to flowering and pod formation.” – Dr. Laura Lindsey, OSU Extension Soybean Specialist

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