Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative Deadline Fast Approaching

“I liken it to filling out the information card for a farm magazine. It is quick and easy, and that is all we are asking farmers to do in the first year.” – Kris Swartz, Wood County Farmer and OACI Chairman

SCN Management: Seed Treatments and Sampling

“Assuming only 1% of SCN eggs survive, at 200 eggs in a soil sample, that can multiply to 39,062 eggs after only 3 generations.” – Carl Bradley, University of Kentucky

Soybean Field

Using Enterprise Budgets Help Determine Which Crop To Grow.

“Farmers are encouraged to compare and use their own numbers for production costs and price levels as they fill out the budgets.” – Barry Ward, Leader, OSU Farm Business Management

Digging into Soil Compaction

“We can cause compaction in seconds, but it takes decades to repair compaction damage.” – Matthias Settler, Ag. Engineer, Bern University of Applied Sciences

Field Leader Soybean Performance Plot Trial Highlights for 2018

Summary of Multi-State State Research on Soybean Row Width, Planting Date, and Plant Population

“The date of planting has more effect on soybean grain yield than any other production practice.” – Laura Lindsey

Manure and Cover Crops

What should your cover crop accomplish if you are applying fall manure?

Cover Crops and Water Quality

The increase in soil organic matter increases the water infiltration and water holding capacity of the soil. It also allows nutrients and sediment to be better held in place.

Mandatory Software Updates for Deere GPS Receivers

“The 20-2 update is needed for the receivers to decode the new language and track the satellite.” – Scott Gerken, account manager for the Kenn-Feld Group.

Soybean pod.

Growing a crop for a specialty market

“When farmers consider business agreements to contract the production of I.P. crops, it is important to understand why the buyer is paying a premium for the product they are raising. It helps to understand the risk and better calculate the costs and returns accurately.” – Fred Pond, Pond Seeds, Van Wert, OH

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