Cover crop funding now available to all Ohio producers

“Cover crops provide producers with a flexible conservation tool to address multiple natural resource concerns including water quality, soil health and carbon sequestration.” – John Wilson, NRCS Ohio State Conservationist

Foliar Feeding Tips

When a nutrient cannot be easily absorbed through the soil, foliar feeding may be a possible solution.

Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio.

Ohio Farm Bureau’s 2022 Water Quality Status Report

Work to improve water quality is a team effort for agriculture, and the report highlights the activities of multiple organizations joining forces in this common cause.

The Heat is on Soybeans

As long as soil temperatures don’t stay too high for too long, plants should be OK.

Options of what to plant after wheat…double crop beans or cover crops.

With high soybean prices, many farmers may want to plant soybeans, but hot and/or dry weather may reduce the chances for a profitable soybean crop.

Keeping Crops Healthy

Plants grown in high soil organic matter soils have more soil microbes and plant available nutrients for optimal healthy plant growth.

Double Crop Soybean Management Considerations for 2022

Row spacing. Double-crop soybeans should be produced in narrow rows- 7.5 or 15-inch row spacing.

Soybean Tips for Late Planting and Replant

Planting population and row spacing are two factors to consider when making late planting and replant decisions.

Upcoming Field Days

By Dusty Sonnenberg, CCA, Ohio Field Leader, a project of the Ohio Soybean Council and soybean checkoff. While it seems as though we just got …

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