Research Projects

Soil Compaction and Dinosaurs

Soil compaction is causing crop yields to decline.

Ohio Growers, We Invite You to Get Involved in Research

It does not matter if you are growing soybean or corn, if you are a grower in Ohio, you can still participate in this research.

Recommendations for Soybeans Planted in June

Higher seeding rates are recommended for June plantings. Final (harvest) population for soybeans planted in June should be 130,000 to 150,000 plants/acre.

Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio.

Reducing Harmful Algal Blooms

New research shows that merely reducing phosphorus loadings in Lake Erie will not solve the HAB problem.

Soybean plants in the field.

Bt Trait Waits in the Wings as Soybean Farmers Struggle with SCN Control

“The goal is to add the Bt trait to soybean varieties with native resistance genes, such as Peking or PI 88788, and recommend a seed treatment that targets SCN.” – Jonathan Fischer, Regional Strategic Marketing lead for BASF

Soybean Planting Progress and Vegetative Growth

There are several common misconceptions about soybean plants at the VC to V3 growth stage.

Soybean Seed Germination Concerns

Six Tips to Improve Soybean Germination and Emergence

SCN Testing in newly planted corn fields

“Things like soil health, chemical and physical soil characteristics, texture, pH, organic matter, extractable nutrients and respiration will all help us better understand the SCN population dynamics.”

Terminating Cover Crops

Cover crops are commonly terminated with herbicides. Crimper crop rollers can terminate cover crops naturally, reducing herbicide application.

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