Research Projects

Putting a Value on Manure

Fertilizer prices are at their highest level in more than a decade. Manure can be an alternative to fertilizer but putting a value on manure is dependent upon how much will be around and is plant available. Animal manure varies by species, age, and nutrition. 

Agricultural Microbiological Products

Planting cover crops, using no-till, improving drainage, and adding moderate amounts of manure or compost can greatly increase agricultural microbiological product efficacy.

All things working together

“The goal is not only the plant diversity, but also the economics.” – Greg McGlinch, Darke Co.

Biological Buffering of Nitrogen

Building soil organic matter (SOM) and improving soil health improves N use efficiency.

Fall Soil Fertility Sampling

Fertilizer Recommendations are based on a 0 to 8-inch soil sample.

Collect Fall Soil Samples for SCN

The field SCN numbers will determine the best management strategy.

The Blanchard River Watershed Network conducts in-field research and serves as a conservation resource for farmers in Ohio

Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative presents priorities and progress to Ohio Senate

A pilot survey has been conducted in the Lower Maumee Watershed that included more than 450 farm fields. 

Take the Test to Beat the Pest

Resistance to SCN remains the most effective management strategy when rotating to a non-host crop is not an option.

Preble County Yield Results Available

By Laura Lindsey and Allen Geyer, Adapted from C.O.R.N. 2021-37 Three out of six of the 2021 Ohio Soybean Performance Trial locations have been harvested, …

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