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Winter Grain Market and Climate Outlook Meeting (Part 1)

“The question is how much will the drought out west shift to the east. There are also abnormally dry conditions to the south in Kentucky and Tennessee that could shift up.” – Aaron Wilson, State Climatologist

The Dirt on Soil Health

“There are over 4 tons of living organisms in each acre of soil.” – Matt Falb, Wayne County

Understanding Soil Health Terms

Soil ecosystem functions include processes like nutrient cycling, clean water, soil physical stability, and soil habitat.

Agricultural Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage for the 2021 Crop Year

As you consider amending your program choices, here are some important reminders:

Precision U Meetings Focus on Reduced Working Days

“If you were born after February of 1985, you have never experienced a cooler than normal month for the planet.” – Aaron Wilson, OSU State Climatologist

Maximizing Factors that influence Crop Yield

Yield is influenced by climate and temperature, plant and water management, and soil nutrient management factors.

Is Soil Health Real?

Farmers should want to optimize nutrient cycling, not maximize it.

Bio-stimulants for Higher Yields and Carbon

Other types of natural inoculants include compost.  Compost inoculants contain many different types of beneficial microbes and some beneficial fungi.

Not Your Grandparent’s Soils

“Farmers need to pay attention to what they plant, where they plant it, and when they plant it, for cover crops to be successful.” – Hans Kok

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