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A shocking solution to weed control

“I have not run into a weed that is electric resistant, like the ones that are herbicide resistant.” – Seth Stutzman

Herbicide Planning and Technology Tips with Mark Loux on Ohio Field Leader

Drought and Herbicide Carryover

Applying a postemergence herbicide late in the summer, even with a short half-life may cause problems.

Virtual Ohio No-Till Field Day Panel Discussion (Part 3 of 3)

“For cover crops to work for a farmer, it is going to need to be nimble and easy to use. Everyone needs to find what works for their operation.” – Fred Yoder

Preharvest Herbicide Treatments

Preharvest herbicide treatments are primarily intended to suppress/kill and dessicate weeds that can make harvest more difficult.

How to Identify Late Season Soybean Diseases

The nights have been cool this growing season, even when the days were very warm. This is the time of the year to begin to scouting for disease. – Dr. Anne Dorrance

Field Leader Offers Tips for Managing Tough Ohio Pests Including Mexican Bean Beetles

Promoting Beneficial Insects

There are three major ways to fight harmful insects: chemical insecticides, good plant nutrition from soil health, and by promoting insect predators.

Taking care of the land and crops

“There is always something you can improve.” – Brad Haas, Wood County, Ohio

Raising Soybeans in a Drought

“Never let a good field have a bad day.” – Mike Zeedyk

A 2020 Virtual Crop Tour

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal crop tour is moving to a virtual experience for 2020!

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