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Spring Replant Decisions

“For soybean planted in May, I wouldn’t think a re-plant would be needed if plant stand was >80,000. With lower plant populations, the soybean plants will be shorter and pods will be lower to the ground.” – Dr. Laura Lindsey, OSU Extension Soybean Specialist

Recommendations for Soybeans Planted in June

“Plant the latest maturity variety that will reach physiological maturity before the first killing frost. This is to allow the plants to grow vegetatively as long as possible to produce nodes where pods can form before vegetative growth is slowed due to flowering and pod formation.” – Dr. Laura Lindsey, OSU Extension Soybean Specialist

How does flooding affect soybean germination?

“The researchers found that overall, flooding adversely affected germination more severely at 59 F than at 77 F. This was true regardless of the duration of the flooding.” – Michael Stanton, MSU Extension

Soil Moisture and the Weather

“Increased soil moisture tends to keep daytime air temperatures lower.” – Aaron Wilson, OSU Extension Climate Specialist

Cold Weather Impact on Soybeans

By Dr. Laura Lindsey, OSU Extension, Adapted from C.O.R.N. 2020-13; and by Mike Staton, MSU Extension Now is the time to scout your soybean fields …

Crimping Cover Crops

“The advantages of crimpers are they kill cover crops mechanically, suppress weeds by forming a mulch, decrease hot summer soil temperatures, conserve soil moisture, decreases soil erosion,  and add organic matter.” – James Hoorman, Hoorman Soil Health Services

Ohio Soybean Disease Monitoring

“It is my commitment to the Soybean Council to keep on top of any disease that might come into the state. Their funding has enabled me to monitor for all diseases and their potential yield losses, and also run the experiments to detect when there is fungicide resistance in the state.” – Dr. Anne Dorrance, The Ohio State University, Plant Pathologist

Cold Weather Weed Concerns

“Cool weather is a big concern and then wet weather is another challenge.” – Mark Loux, Ohio State University Extension weed specialist

Soybean seeding rate considerations

“We have found that the soybean plant is very adaptive.” – Sam Custer, assistant director for Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Ohio State University Extension educator in Darke County

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