Research Projects

Assessing Soybean Success

A good weed management strategy was important in 2021.

Cover Crops Pay Dividends

Live roots soak up excess nitrogen and phosphorus and keep many micro-nutrients recycling in the soil while keeping the soil in place.

High Fertilizer Prices and Soil Sampling

Comparing your soil test value for phosphorus and potassium to the critical level defines the need for annual fertilizer application.

H2Ohio Cover Crop planting deadline extended for 2021

The H2Ohio Cover Crop practice planting deadline has been extended to November 1,

Plant Health Pyramid

In healthy soils, plants obtain more of their nitrogen as whole proteins, peptides, amino acids, or in the amide form from soil microbes; which requires overall less plant energy and leads to higher plant health.

Rain Delays and Storage Space, Communication and Patience

Harvest delays caused by rain may seem like an inconvenience to many, however it has been a welcome opportunity for many commercial grain facilities to relieve some storage pressure and ship grain out during what began as a busy and bountiful fall harvest.

Transitioning to Improved Soil Health

Improving soil health starts with evaluating your soil and then fixing those problems. 

Studying the compounded effect of pathogens.

“In my program now I want to quantify and understand what it is that multiple pathogens are doing and how they are limiting our soybean production.” – Dr. Horacio Lopez-Nicora, Plant Pathologist, The Ohio State University

Ohio Field Leader Soybean Stink Bug Identification

More Green Stem Syndrome in Soybeans

Another possible cause of stay green syndrome might be stink bug feeding.

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