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How to Distinguish Flooding Injury from Phytophthora or Pythium Root Rot in Soybeans

Saturated soils promote infection from many of the watermolds.

Soybean Defoliation

A rescue treatment is advised when defoliation levels reach 40% in pre-bloom stages, 15% in bloom, and 25% during pod fill to harvest. 

Variable rate sidedressing and inter-seeding cover crops

“By applying the phosphorus source during side-dressing, the nitrogen component is better utilized by the growing crop, and we are moving our phosphorus application out of the fall.” – Aaron Siebeneck

Application of Manure to Double Crop Soybeans to Encourage Emergence

In recent years there has been more interest from livestock producers in applying manure to newly planted soybeans to provide moisture to help get the crop to emerge.

Planting Cover Crops and Cover Crop Mixes after Wheat

Usually, single species cover crops will produce just as much biomass as a cover crop mix, and research has shown that mixes of cover crops do not outperform for many of the cover crop goals.

The O.G. of Water Quality

The positive impact to water quality as a result of farmers taking ownership and taking action should not be understated.

Early Vegetative Soybean Defoliation

Accurate determination of stage of growth is necessary to determine yield loss due to hail.

Canada Thistle Issues in Soybeans

“Our history with thistle during the past 30+ years is that it was a major problem before the widespread adoption of Roundup Ready soybeans in the late 1990s.” – Dr, Mark Loux

Double Crop Soybean Recommendations

By Dr. Laura Lindsey and Eric Richer, CCA, Adapted from C.O.R.N. 19-2021 Wheat harvest is rapidly approaching, and with relatively high soybean prices, we anticipate …

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