Research Projects

To till or not to till

“Cover crops have been effective at restoring the soil over time.” – Jim Hoorman, Hoorman Soil Health Services

Use Caution Choosing Cover Crops for SCN-Infested Fields

There are plenty of agronomic incentives to plant cover crops this fall. But for fields infested with soybean cyst nematode (SCN) there’s one watch-out: Don’t …

Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio.

Unplanted acres and unanswered questions about Lake Erie’s algal bloom

“Our prediction was that 24% less phosphorus would be entering the lake (due to less fertilizer being applied) this year.” -Chris Winslow, director for Ohio Sea Grant and Ohio State’s Stone Laboratory.

The Worst Planting Season Has Lasting Ripple Effects

By Dusty Sonnenberg, Field Leader In what would normally be a productive and exciting time of year on the Hesterman farm in Henry County, mid- …

Repairing the Soil After a Record-Setting 2019

By Dusty Sonnenberg, Field Leader It is no secret that 2019 will go down in the history books as one of the most challenging years …

High Lake Erie Water Levels Creating Unique Challenges for Farmers

By Dusty Sonnenberg, Field Leader Reaching the “high water mark” in someone’s career is something most folks love to talk about, but for Mike Gonya …

Conservation tillage research and nutrient placement Ohio Soy Field Leader

Digging Into Strip-Till and Nutrient Management Research

Strip-till is a conservation tillage method more Ohio farmers are digging into because it blends the benefits of traditional tillage with the soil health aspects …

Farm Nutrient Management Data Ohio Soybean Checkoff Research

Using Data To Illustrate Nutrient Management Efforts

Nutrient management is an important aspect of soybean farming, because knowing when and how much of a fertilizer to apply is key to high yields. …

Ohio Field Leader Soybean Conservation Practices

On-Field Ohio! Will Help Farmers Limit Erosion and Phosphorus Runoff

Keeping valuable soil and phosphorus (P) on fields is key to building a profitable and sustainable future for Ohio farmers. Determining the right fit for …

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