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Soil Health Indicators

Soil biological life is the biggest indicator of good soil health.

Planting Cover Crops Late

Most cover crops need a minimum of 60 days of growth before cold freezing winter weather limits growth. 

A Common-Sense Approach to Regulations

“We came in and looked at the issue and looked at what the law says, and what the courts told us to do.” – Andrew Wheeler, Administrator, U.S. E.P.A.

Cover Crops Enhance Soil Health

Research has shown that cover crops and earthworms can effectively loosen compacted soil better than subsoiling equipment.

Reducing Nitrogen Runoff

“Healthy soils keep our nutrients recycling, plant available, and result in less nitrogen pollution.”

2020 Farm Science Review Virtual Research Plot Tour Continued – Poultry Litter Use

The material from layers is pure a manure containing: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, and Sulfur.

Cover Crop Champions & Cover Crop Driving Tour

The Cover Crop Champions in Logan and Champaign Counties are hosting a Cover Crop Drive It Yourself Tour on Thursday, September 17th from 5-8 p.m.

Sowing Cover Crops

Late summer and early fall (August 1-Mid-September) is a great time to sow cover crops. 

Field to Lake Field Day in Paulding County

“Those roots went down to the water, and the structures held enough back in those areas to be noticeable.” – Don Johnson, Paulding County Farmer

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