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Is a late soybean harvest in your future?

80% of harvest loss occurs at contact with the header.

Ohio Field Leader Soybean Stink Bug Identification

A Manageable Pest

“The economic threshold is an average of four stinkbugs in 10 sweeps for commodity soybeans.” – Kelley Tilmon, OSU Extension Entomologist

Ohio Field Leader Harvest Tips for Planting Success

A “dryer” soybean harvest

The challenging wet weather this spring may lead to wet soybeans for harvest this fall around Ohio.

Latta Listening Session Addressed Impacts of a Challenging 2019

By Dusty Sonnenberg, Field Leader The extensive prevented planting acres in Ohio and limited yield potential for many acres of late-planted crops have generated plenty …

Field Leader Offers Tips for Managing Tough Ohio Pests Including Mexican Bean Beetles

Managing Insecticide Resistance and Scouting Insights for Tough Ohio Pests

Insecticide resistance in soybeans is a growing problem in the Midwest. In South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota, research sponsored by state checkoffs and …

Field Leader Soybean Performance Plot Trial Highlights for 2018

Key Insights From the 2018 Ohio Soybean Trials

Each year, researchers from The Ohio State University (OSU) collaborate with seed companies to conduct soybean performance plot trials. Their goal is to give farmers …

Ohio Soybean Field Leader Soybean Seed Quality

Seed Quality Issues In Soybean

Let’s face it – we’ve had historic rains in parts of Ohio during 2018 and we are now observing many late season issues that come …

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