Research Projects

Seedling Diseases, Biology, Management and Education

Effective control of soybean seed and seedling rots is becoming increasingly important in order to protect the value of seed.

Ohio Soybean Production and Research in 2020

“We are basically trying to find the optimum seed rate based on the planting date time frame.” – Dr. Laura Lindsey, OSU Extension State Soybean and Small Grains Specialist

An integrated approach to enhance durability of SCN resistance for long-term strategic SCN management

This project will benefit soybean producers by creating a long-term management strategy for SCN through knowledge and soybean germplasm development.

Soybean plants in the field.

Soybean Cyst Nematode has made itself at home in Ohio

We are wrapping up intensive sampling of Ohio Fields from the support of the soybean check-off through Ohio Soybean Council and United Soybean Board

Field Leader Soybean Performance Plot Trial Highlights for 2018

EPA announces new five-year registration for certain dicamba products on soybeans

“With today’s decision, farmers now have the certainty they need to make plans for their 2021 growing season.” – U.S. EPA

2020 Field Crop Insect Recap

“There have been no sightings of soybean gall midge in Ohio.” – Dr. Kelley Tilmon, Associate Professor and State Specialist for field crop entomology at The Ohio State University

A Common-Sense Approach to Regulations

“We came in and looked at the issue and looked at what the law says, and what the courts told us to do.” – Andrew Wheeler, Administrator, U.S. E.P.A.

Harvest Technology Preparation

Good data collection is necessary for making informed management decisions in the future.

Ohio Field Leader Harvest Tips for Planting Success

Tips for Harvest and Planning for 2021

By Dr. Anne Dorrance, OSU Extension Plant Pathology, Adapted from C.O.R.N. 2018-33 The 2020 Soybean harvest has started in Ohio.  The following items are things …

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