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Double Crop Soybean Management Considerations for 2022

Row spacing. Double-crop soybeans should be produced in narrow rows- 7.5 or 15-inch row spacing.

Soybean Tips for Late Planting and Replant

Planting population and row spacing are two factors to consider when making late planting and replant decisions.

SCN Testing in newly planted corn fields

“Things like soil health, chemical and physical soil characteristics, texture, pH, organic matter, extractable nutrients and respiration will all help us better understand the SCN population dynamics.”

Soybean plants in the field.

High Management and High Yielding Soybeans in Washington County

“There are a lot of tools we can use to get the nutrients into the crop.” – Jonah Neill, Washington County Farmer

USB Adding Value to Your Soybean Checkoff

“We take checkoff dollars to create value for the U.S. soybean and we invest that in research, education and, of course, promotion.” Steve Reinhard, United Soybean Board treasurer and board member, Crawford County farmer.

Soybean Cyst Nematode and Seed Treatments

“This summer we will be conducting research to evaluate the different seed treatments to gain more knowledge on how effective these are in complimenting the resistance we already use.” – Dr. Horacio Lopez-Nicora

Soybean Cyst Nematode Testing and Resistance

University research plots and commercial soybean field monitoring have shown SCN management to be critical in both high and low SCN populations.

Field Leader Explores Ag Equipment Innovations RoGator C Series Sprayer

Enlist Herbicide County Restrictions

“The Enlist seed technology has benefits that still exist.” – Dr. Mark Loux, OSU Extension Weed Specialist

Seeding Rate Decisions in Corn and Soybean

Seeding rate decisions are important to optimize yield in soybean and corn.

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