Free Modules: Earn CEUs for Learning About Seeding Rate Decisions in Corn and Soybean

By Laura Lindsey & Alex Lindsey, Adapted from C.O.R.N. 2021-40

Seeding rate decisions are important to optimize yield in soybean and corn. Four 30-minute virtual self-paced modules are now available and can be viewed in any order. Topics include:

  • Module 1- Collecting Quality Soil Samples for Variable Rate Decisions. Compare whole field, zone, and grid soil sampling and learn how to use Google tools to create grid soil sampling maps. (0.5 NM CEU)
  • Module 2- Soybean Seeding Rate. What’s the optimum soybean seeding rate for various planting dates? (0.5 CM CEU)
  • Module 3- Replant Decisions for Soybean and Management of Late-Planted Soybean. Learn how to adjust your management when you need to replant or plant late. Learn how we do soybean stand counts. (0.5 CM CEU)
  • Module 4- Corn Seeding Rate. Recommended corn seeding rates for Ohio and how other management decisions can impact seeding rate. (0.5 CM CEU)

These self-study modules also can be used to earn CCA CEU credit in 0.5 hr increments with up to 1.5 hr in Crop Management and 0.5 hr in Nutrient Management. Register for this training course here:

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