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Correcting compaction infractions below the surface

“Compaction was a huge issue this year.” – Elizabeth Hawkins, OSU Extension, Agronomic Systems Field Specialist

Farmer scouting soybean fields in the fall.

Soybean research addresses some of the challenges of 2019

 “Planting date is still the number one factor that influences soybean yield.” – Laura Lindsey, Ohio State University Extension soybean specialist

To till or not to till

“Cover crops have been effective at restoring the soil over time.” – Jim Hoorman, Hoorman Soil Health Services

A heavy handful of soil: Considerations for fallow fields

“The 2019 growing season has negatively affected mycorrhizae levels.” – Stephanie Karhoff, OSU Extension Educator, Williams County

Building Your Farm’s Weather Resilience For a Stronger 2020

Weather has always been one of the most variable factors in farming, but 2019 has been an extreme example. Heavy rains. Flooding. Storms. Tornadoes. While …

Ohio Field Leader Harvest Tips for Planting Success

A “dryer” soybean harvest

The challenging wet weather this spring may lead to wet soybeans for harvest this fall around Ohio.

Challenges continue in Northwest Ohio

“I have never seen a year like this one, and never seen it this widespread. ” – Glen Newcomer, CCA, Bryan Ohio

Use Caution Choosing Cover Crops for SCN-Infested Fields

There are plenty of agronomic incentives to plant cover crops this fall. But for fields infested with soybean cyst nematode (SCN) there’s one watch-out: Don’t …

Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio.

Unplanted acres and unanswered questions about Lake Erie’s algal bloom

“Our prediction was that 24% less phosphorus would be entering the lake (due to less fertilizer being applied) this year.” -Chris Winslow, director for Ohio Sea Grant and Ohio State’s Stone Laboratory.

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