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Terminating Cover Crops

Cover crops are commonly terminated with herbicides. Crimper crop rollers can terminate cover crops naturally, reducing herbicide application.

Soybean plants in the field.

High Management and High Yielding Soybeans in Washington County

“There are a lot of tools we can use to get the nutrients into the crop.” – Jonah Neill, Washington County Farmer

First Time No-tillers

In tilled fields, poor soil structure and soil compaction are major issues.  This creates a major problem for famers switching to no-till.

Planting Date and Crop Yields

Mudding crops in can be a disaster if it gets dry.  Shallow rooted crops in compacted soils often result in poor crop stands and low yields.

Breaking Down Crop Residue

Excessively wet soil conditions favor bacteria that thrive in low oxygen, and slows down crop residue digestion. Particle size plays a critical role in getting residue to decompose rapidly.

Ohio Field Leader How to Select Soybean Seed

Manage Soybeans to Push Profits

By Pamela Smith, DTN Crops Technology Editor DECATUR, Ill. (DTN) — Taking soybean production to the next level requires a different thought process. DTN asked …

Manage Soybeans All Season Long, Season-Long Game Plan Pushes Soybeans Through Biology

“With favorable market prices and pricey nitrogen pressuring corn and cotton acres, soybeans are in the spotlight this year.” – Kris Ehler, Farmer, Thomasboro, Illinois.

Soil Health Indicators

The Natural Resource Conservation Service suggests evaluating these seven soil health indicators.

Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative Assessment Survey Report reveals conservation progress

“Our assessment survey shows us that farmers in the Lower Maumee Watershed are taking conservation practices and their stewardship of the land seriously,” said Kris Swartz, farmer and Chair, Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative.

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