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Field Leader Explores Ag Equipment Innovations RoGator C Series Sprayer

Technologies for Improving Sprayer Field Performance and Efficiencies

By Dusty Sonnenberg, CCA, Ohio Field Leader: a project of the Ohio Soybean Council and soybean checkoff. The Ohio State University’s Precision U winter meeting …

Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio.

More Initiatives to Improve Water Quality

The Director of Agriculture will be responsible for appointing watershed planning and management coordinators throughout the seven watershed districts in Ohio.

The Dirt on Soil Health

“There are over 4 tons of living organisms in each acre of soil.” – Matt Falb, Wayne County

Understanding Soil Health Terms

Soil ecosystem functions include processes like nutrient cycling, clean water, soil physical stability, and soil habitat.

Precision U Meetings Focus on Reduced Working Days

“If you were born after February of 1985, you have never experienced a cooler than normal month for the planet.” – Aaron Wilson, OSU State Climatologist

Is Soil Health Real?

Farmers should want to optimize nutrient cycling, not maximize it.

New H2Ohio Incentive Program Helps Improve Water Quality

“Improving Ohio’s water quality is incredibly important,” – Governor Mike DeWine.

Cover Crops Benefit Wildlife

Cool season fall cover crop mixes should include plants that freeze and some that stay green till spring and start to grow in the warm days of April.

H2Ohio, Looking Back and Looking Ahead

“Under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, Ohio is committed to reducing our total phosphorus (P) and dissolved reactive phosphorus (DRP), by 40%.” – Joy Mulinex

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