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Ohio Field Leader How to Select Soybean Seed

Where are we going with U.S. and Global Trade?

“Agricultural exports are projected to be at $152 billion for 2021, which is an increase of 12% over 2020.”- Dr. Ian Sheldon, Ohio State’s Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy

2020 Ohio Grain Farmers Symposium Recap

“An important piece of legislation is the future is the Next Generation Fuels Act. This Legislation is a first step in the process to transition the fuel supply into high octane fuel.” – Anne Thompson, NCGA

The Smell of Rain and Microbes

Healthy soils have more oxygen and have a sweeter aroma due to healthy microbes.

Trade Talks

“It is an eat or get eaten world out there in trade.” – USDA Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Affairs, Ted McKinney

Ohio Field Leader Soybean Conservation Practices

High Oleic Soybean Opportunity for Ohio Farmers in 2020

Specialty soybean contracts in Ohio will offer a profit boost to farmers through 2020 premium incentives.

Ohio Field Leader How to Select Soybean Seed

Maintaining soybean quality after harvest

“The key to drying soybeans while maintaining quality is to use low heat and go slow.” – Bruce Wymer, vice president of food grade soybeans for Citizens Elevator, LLC.

Ohio Field Leader Tips for Soybean Marketing

Tips for Soybean Marketing

It takes substantial planning and decision-making to grow a successful crop, and it’s important to be just as strategic when selling it. Shifts in global …

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