Persistent wet weather prevented soybean planting in many areas of the state. Late planting reduces the cultural practice options for row spacing, seeding rate, and relative maturity. Read on to learn more or scroll down to watch the video.

Row Spacing
The row spacing for June planting should be no greater than 7.5-inch if possible. Row width should be narrow enough for the soybean canopy to completely cover the interrow space by the time the soybeans begin to flower. The later in the growing season soybeans are planted, the greater the yield increase due to narrow rows.

Seeding Rate
Higher seeding rates are recommended for June plantings. Data from previously conducted seeding rate trials, suggest seeding rates between 200,000-225,000 seeds/acre when planting the first half of June.

Relative Maturity
For June planting dates, plant the latest maturing variety that will reach physiological maturity before the first killing frost. This is to allow the plants to grow vegetatively as long as possible to produce nodes where pods can form before vegetative growth is slowed due to flowering and pod formation. The recommended relative maturity ranges can be found here.

Written by Dr. Laura Lindsey originally for the C.O.R.N. Newsletter.

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