Prevention, prevention, prevention! That’s the best advice a grower can get about controlling Palmer amaranth pigweed infestations. What makes this particular weed so hard to manage?

Here’s some quick facts:

  • Each female plant produces hundreds of thousands of seeds, so just a single weed can quickly turn into a severe problem. If let go, infestations can reach the point of no return where the only control option for a field is to completely mow it down.
  • Unlike some weeds, Palmer amaranth has a long emergence period spanning the whole growing season. This means extra scouting and herbicide applications will be necessary if not controlled early.
  • Unfortunately, Palmer amaranth is extremely good at developing herbicide resistance. This can be a serious problem for soybean growers because fewer post-emergence herbicide options exist compared to corn.

Need help identifying this weed? OSU professor Mark Loux has you covered.  Check out his handy fact sheet.


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