Each season offers growers and retailers the opportunity to improve their business for the future. Upgrading farm equipment is a change that requires substantial investment, but can also pay off through efficiency and maximizing inputs. The Ohio Soybean Council recently explored a few planter, tractor and sprayer innovations with Sarah Balliet, product support sales representative with Ohio Ag Equipment. She’s excited to give growers a taste of how today’s ag equipment offerings can make a difference in the field.

White Planter

Field Leader Explores Ag Equipment Innovations White Planter
White Planter

Speed, precision and optimal seed-to-soil contact are essential for making the most of narrow planting windows and getting seeds off to a strong start. According to Balliet, the new 9800VE series White planters are a great example of just that. For starters, they’re equipped with speed tubes that place seeds in the furrow while allowing operators to travel at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. They also have 2020 SeedSense Monitors, V-Set and Delta Force to ensure the right amounts of seeds are placed at exact trench depths using hydraulic downforce to close the furrow according to soil types.


Challenger 1000 Series Tractor

Field Leader Explores Ag Equipment Innovations Challenger 1000 Series Tractor
Challenger 1000 Series Tractor

Farmers seeking more power and fuel efficiency in a flexible frame should take a look at a tractor like the Challenger® 1000 Series. It offers 400-500 HP at lower RPMs via an innovative AccuTerminal system, which links the engine and drive to software. The machine uses a single-speed CVT transmission that allows it to crawl at a mere 60 feet per hour or travel up to 30 miles per hour without shifting gears. Its Tier 4 engine eliminates the need for a diesel oxidizing catalyst or DOC, reducing emissions and producing cleaner exhaust.

The increased use of technology means the inside of the cab is changing. It’s more flexible, allowing operators to use ISOBUS, auto tracking devices, their preferred data tracking software and the ability to transfer devices among different machines. The newest Challenger also offers a Task Dock Pro, which wirelessly tracks what’s happening in the field so operators see data in real time and is also equipped with AccuTerminal, which controls all machine adjustments and settings with the touch of a finger.


RoGator C Series Sprayer

Field Leader Explores Ag Equipment Innovations RoGator C Series Sprayer

Hate cleaning out sprayer tanks and losing expensive crop protection or fertilizer products between fields? Eliminate it. According to Balliet, the RoGator® C Series sprayer saves growers time and money through its unique LiquidLogicTM technology and recirculating boom system. Now operators can apply products on a field, drain the tanks, save the product and move to another field. Since the recirculating boom primes itself, there’s no need for manual airflow or water cleanout. Plus, it’s self-propelled via AWD SmartDriveTM making traveling through the field a snap.

“There’s definitely a trend in ag equipment to help farmers be more efficient, precise and environmentally friendly,” says Balliet. “The technology I see on some farms and retail businesses is amazing! I talk with many customers who know their numbers and see where they need to improve. More of them are willing to jump into a new machine that helps them farm smarter.”  

Field Leader Explores Ag Equipment Innovations Fendt IDEAL CombineShe says those interested in making a leap into the future of farming should check out the Fendt® IDEAL combine, which launched at the Farm Progress Show and is available for order at Ohio Ag Equipment. The Ohio Soybean Council also encourages growers to visit Precision Ag Reviews to see what’s new in precision tech and share insights with others.


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