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Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid has an open carbon structure that is a light weight compound with almost miraculous properties! 

Transitioning requires flexibility and having the right tools for the job.

By Dusty Sonnenberg, CCA, Ohio Field Leader, a project of the Ohio Soybean Council and soybean check-off. In a twist of fate, the transition to …

Farm Science Review Opportunities

Farm Science Review will be held September 21st – 23rd with lots of excitement in store for farmers young and old.

Conservation tillage research and nutrient placement Ohio Soy Field Leader

SoyOhio.Org and Carbon Market Information

“It may be additional revenue for your farm; the desire to grow a sustainable product; or having another company purchase the carbon credits so that they can offset their carbon footprint and are appear more consumer friendly.” -Steve Reinhard, Ohio Soybean Association and United Soybean Board member

Ohio Field Leader Tips for Soybean Marketing

Your Soybean Check-off In Action

Informative Programs You Will Not Want To Miss

Ohio Field Leader Tips for Soybean Marketing

GMO versus Non-GMO Crops

Ohio is one of the leading states planting Non-GMO crops. 

Soybean pod.

Growing a crop for a specialty market

“When farmers consider business agreements to contract the production of I.P. crops, it is important to understand why the buyer is paying a premium for the product they are raising. It helps to understand the risk and better calculate the costs and returns accurately.” – Fred Pond, Pond Seeds, Van Wert, OH

Organic Soybean Production and Weed Control

“If a farmer is going to be successful with organics, they must be committed to the system.” – Dave Shively, Organic Farmer

A shocking solution to weed control

“I have not run into a weed that is electric resistant, like the ones that are herbicide resistant.” – Seth Stutzman

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