Research Projects

Making Precision Ag Technology All Work Together

“If we can look all through the growing season, and identify stage gates, where farmers have to make decisions; and then we can bring this A.I. to bear, I think it changes how we look at UAV’s and the value they can bring to agriculture.” – Dr. Scott Shearer

Drone flying over an Ohio soybean field with stinger platform suspended beneath.

Agriculture’s Big Picture Through Smaller Pictures

Farmers need data that leads to decisions they can take action on. With funding through a grant from the Ohio Soybean Council, Dr. Scott Shearer, and Dr. Mark Loux began looking at how this technology could be beneficial to Ohio’s farmers.

Correcting compaction infractions below the surface

“Compaction was a huge issue this year.” – Elizabeth Hawkins, OSU Extension, Agronomic Systems Field Specialist

How much do you value your data?

“Everyone has a different philosophy when it comes to calibrating their yield monitor for harvest data.” – Matt Liskai, Greenfield Ag, Gibsonburg, Ohio

A stinger platform suspended beneath a drone used to insert sensors in the crop canopy.

How AI and Unmanned Aerial Systems Could Change the Future of Crop Scouting

OSU researchers are testing the use of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) in Ohio fields to automate the scouting process with data collected directly from the crop canopy.

Four Tips for Navigating Weather & Climate Change

Noticing our changing climate and weather patterns is one thing. Understanding the science, how it affects your farm and adjusting business strategies to manage these …

Field Leader Explores Ag Equipment Innovations RoGator C Series Sprayer

Exploring Ag Equipment Innovations

Each season offers growers and retailers the opportunity to improve their business for the future. Upgrading farm equipment is a change that requires substantial investment, …

Sprayer Cleanout Tips Ohio Field Leader

Properly Winterizing Sprayers Can Help Mitigate Costly Problems Next Spring

This is a busy time of year for many farmers, but taking time to winterize your sprayer now can payoff in avoiding problems next spring.  Without proper …

Ohio Field Leader Farm Precision Technology

Meet Three Ohio Farmers Improving Farm Efficiency With Technology

Ohio is home to many innovative soybean growers who are adopting technologies to farm more efficiently and get the most out of their inputs. Three …

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