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Checkoff Check-In: Where Sustainable Solutions Start

Airable Research Laboratory is a unique research laboratory, in that it was started and is funded by soybean check-off dollars from the Ohio Soybean Council.

Ohio Field Leader Tips for Soybean Marketing

Your Soybean Check-off In Action

Informative Programs You Will Not Want To Miss

Ohio Soybean Council launches website for carbon market resources

“This site addresses many of the questions Ohio farmers have surrounding carbon markets and offers an opportunity for them to gather information from an unbiased source.” – Bill Bateson, OSC chairman

Carbon Markets are Promoting Healthier Soils

Healthy soils create healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people while improving the environment.    

Beginning the Journey – 30 years of the Ohio Soybean Check-off

“It is critical that the organization is engaged and steps forward to develop an agenda to move things forward. People will make decision for you if you are not there.” – Keith Stimpert, former Executive Director of the Ohio Soybean Council

Ohio Field Leader How to Select Soybean Seed

Commodity Classic 2021 – The State of U.S. Soy

“The check-off breaks down barriers of entry and together finds a home for our crop.”- Megan Kaiser, Missouri Soybean Farmer and USB Treasurer

Soybean pod.

Growing a crop for a specialty market

“When farmers consider business agreements to contract the production of I.P. crops, it is important to understand why the buyer is paying a premium for the product they are raising. It helps to understand the risk and better calculate the costs and returns accurately.” – Fred Pond, Pond Seeds, Van Wert, OH

Drone flying over an Ohio soybean field with stinger platform suspended beneath.

Agriculture’s Big Picture Through Smaller Pictures

Farmers need data that leads to decisions they can take action on. With funding through a grant from the Ohio Soybean Council, Dr. Scott Shearer, and Dr. Mark Loux began looking at how this technology could be beneficial to Ohio’s farmers.

What Checkoff-Funded Research Means for Your Bottom Line

Local experts in crop and soil health work throughout the year to fine-tune soybean farming strategies to combat your toughest challenges. However, that’s not the …

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