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Tips for Reducing Fertilizer Costs

When fertilizer soil tests are less than optimum, start by correcting your pH with lime first then address P and K fertilizer needs.

Drainage water management and winter cover crops

The majority of the farmers we talked to slightly adjust their management when utilizing controlled drainage with winter crops.

Trends in Ohio Soil Test Results

Soil test P levels have continued to decline since 2001, however the median STP is still between the critical level of 20 and the upper end of maintenance at 40 ppm.

Lime Considerations

Proper soil pH is important for nutrient availability, herbicide activity, and crop development. For most soils, additional lime is not needed every year.

Field Leader Ag Equipment Innovations

Alternative Spring Burndown/Postemergence Strategies when Herbicides are in Short Supply

The two main active ingredients that we’re hearing about right now are glyphosate (Roundup, others) and glufosinate (Liberty, others), for which prices have increased substantially.  There will likely be limited supplies of other pesticide active ingredients as well, but in the short term, a shortage of these two active ingredients poses some major challenges for corn and soybean production.

Soil Health Webinars Return for 2022

This winter the Agronomic Crops Team will offer a monthly webinar series focused on soil health.

National Farm Bill Discussions

When crop prices are high, it takes more incentives to change farming practices due to increased risk.

Newly identified gene for resistance to root and stem rot accelerates breeding of resilient soybean plants

By Elizabeth K. Gardner, Purdue University On the sometimes-foggy journey of following genetic traits to breed resilient plants, a newly identified gene lights the way …

Soil Health, Micronutrients and Macronutrients. (Part 2)

“There is a concept called Potassium Induction which occurs in saturated soil conditions and K gets caught up in the clay soil particles.” – Jim Hoorman

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