By Dusty Sonnenberg, CCA, Ohio Field Leader

The Ohio Soybean Performance Trials were conducted at five locations in 2019. There were originally six locations planned, however due to the prolonged wet field conditions, the Sandusky county location was never planted; so only five locations were utilized. Those include: Clinton and Preble counties in the south, Morrow and Mercer counties in the central part of the state, and Henry county in the north. Planting dates were May 16th at both locations in the south (Preble and Clinton counties); June 4th in Morrow county, and June 8th in Mercer county. The final planting was on June 12th in Henry county. Harvest of the trials was completed on October 5th in Preble county; October 10th in Clinton county; October 15th in Morrow county; October 17th & 18th in Henry county, and October 19th & 20th in Mercer county.

“This spring was wet. It followed a very wet fall harvest in 2018. The southern Ohio performance trial locations had a very typical planting date (May 16th).

Laura Lindsey, OSU Extension Soybean and Small Grains Specialist

We usually try to plant in mid-May to escape any frost. The central Ohio locations were planted in early June (June 4th & 8th). Only one of the northern locations was planted, and that was in Henry county on June 12th. The Sandusky county location was just too wet to plant this year,” said Laura Lindsey, OSU Extension Soybean and Small Grains Specialist. “Overall the stands were pretty good. Clinton county was the only exception. It was planted on a good date, but then the rains came and emergence was reduced due to crusting conditions.”

“The growing season started out wet, but then some areas became extremely dry. The southern locations were the most impacted by the drought. This year’s growing conditions were variable by location. The average yields were in the mid-high 50 bushel per acre (bu/ac) range. Overall, the lowest yield was 25 bu/ac, and the highest was 76 bu/ac. Preble county was hit hard by the weather, yet it had the highest yield across the performance trials. The average yield in Preble county was 66 bu/ac. It ranged from 50-76 bu/ac,” said Lindsey.

There was not significant insect or disease pressure in 2019 that impacted the trials.

All yield results of the 2019 Ohio Soybean Performance Trials are available online at:

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