• A Manageable Pest

    See how OSU researchers are combating this common soybean pest.

  • A "Dryer" Soybean Harvest

    See how a wet planting season will affect harvest.

  • Choosing Cover Crops for SCN-Infested Fields

    Learn which cover crops work best if you’re seeing SCN in your fields.

Is a late soybean harvest in your future?

80% of harvest loss occurs at contact with the header.

A heavy handful of soil: Considerations for fallow fields

“The 2019 growing season has negatively affected mycorrhizae levels.” – Stephanie Karhoff, OSU Extension Educator, Williams County

What Checkoff-Funded Research Means for Your Bottom Line

Local experts in crop and soil health work throughout the year to fine-tune soybean farming strategies to combat your toughest challenges. However, that’s not the …

Building Your Farm’s Weather Resilience For a Stronger 2020

Weather has always been one of the most variable factors in farming, but 2019 has been an extreme example. Heavy rains. Flooding. Storms. Tornadoes. While …

Ohio Field Leader Soybean Conservation Practices

Do you know your number?

“SCN can reduce yield without the plants showing symptoms.” – Dr. Anne Dorrance, Plant Pathologist, The Ohio State University

Ohio Field Leader Soybean Stink Bug Identification

A Manageable Pest

“The economic threshold is an average of four stinkbugs in 10 sweeps for commodity soybeans.” – Kelley Tilmon, OSU Extension Entomologist

A stinger platform suspended beneath a drone used to insert sensors in the crop canopy.

How AI and Unmanned Aerial Systems Could Change the Future of Crop Scouting

OSU researchers are testing the use of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) in Ohio fields to automate the scouting process with data collected directly from the crop canopy.

Ohio Field Leader Soybean Crop

How long do we have for late planted soybeans to mature?

“The concerns about frost limiting soybean potential in northern Ohio this year are warranted.” – Greg LaBarge, Ohio State University Extension

Ohio Field Leader Harvest Tips for Planting Success

A “dryer” soybean harvest

The challenging wet weather this spring may lead to wet soybeans for harvest this fall around Ohio.


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